This is the pastry of my childhood: delicate, sweet, crunchy and totally addictive. Pasticceria Massera was founded in 1920 in a small village in the green hills of Serra, in the Biella province. Progenitor Luigi opened a little shop and started producing the Torcetto, born as a poor man’s sweet made only with bread dough and sugar paste. The recipe has been modified through the years, enriched with new ingredients yet maintaining its original composition, and thanks to the Massera family Torcetto has become a unique confectionery product. After the war, Gino, one of Luigi’s sons, turned the old laboratory into a modern artisanal company and in 1972 was awarded the Golden Torcetto prize. Now the business is run by the family’s fourth generation, making it a unique example of tradition and local cooking preserved and passed down from generation to generation.

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